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Kristine Bergman

Kristine Bergman became a member of ChiWIP after its inaugural event and served on the Marketing Committee ever since. Kristine is Senior Counsel at Publicis Re:Sources, one of the world’s largest communications groups. At Publicis Re:Sources, Kristine provides legal guidance on advertising, trademark, and copyright law for advertising portfolios in the retail, pharmaceutical, and financial sectors, among others.

Kristine joined Publicis Re:Sources a little over a year ago. Prior to going in-house, she was an associate at Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson LLP, where she developed a specialty in advertising law. At Publicis Re:Sources, Kristine applies that expertise to proactively identify legal issues and provide guidance on a wide-range of advertising concerns.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Kristine attended Amherst College and graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and English. After graduation, she worked as an editorial and marketing assistant for the Great Books Foundation, a nonprofit educational organization in Chicago. Kristine attended Loyola University Chicago School of Law where she earned her Juris Doctor with an emphasis in intellectual property law.

Even in grade school, Kristine was aware of intellectual property, as she was known to (incorrectly) write the trademark symbol (™) on her school papers. Kristine was always interested in the artistry behind advertising and the skill of crafting an advertisement in a way that will be meaningful to people. Advertising is part of our daily lives, whether it be a targeted advertisement on our phones, posters in the subway on our morning commute, or the Super Bowl commercials we look forward to watching. Kristine is also fascinated by the rise and evolution of social media advertising and how companies use social media platforms to create organic marketing that encourages viewers to engage.

As an avid reader, Kristine is also a regular member of the ChiWIP book club. Through ChiWIP, Kristine has developed leadership skills, professional connections, and genuine friendships. This year, Kristine will conclude her three-year term as an ABA-IPL Young Lawyer Fellow. Outside of work and her professional activities, Kristine enjoys spending her time with her new baby girl Scarlett and enjoying the outdoors hiking and camping.


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