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Lauren Schwartz

Lauren Schwartz is from Pontiac, a small town in central Illinois. Her journey to IP law took a non-traditional route, shaped by a diverse array of experiences and a keen sense of self-awareness. Lauren attended University of Illinois for her undergrad, where she majored in psychology with a minor in chemistry. While her science background provided the foundation for pursuing a legal career, her passion for creative problem-solving and writing turned her attention to law and attended Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

Lauren's career journey reflects a diverse and dynamic path, demonstrating her adaptability and willingness to explore various legal avenues. Despite reservations about being pigeonholed into patent law due to her science background, Lauren's experience as a patent litigation attorney at Kirkland and Ellis exposed her to the intersection of technology and law, sparking her interest in pursuing a career in IP Litigation. After clerking for a judge, she transitioned into in-house counsel roles, leveraging her litigation experience to navigate complex legal landscapes in global companies including Groupon. Currently serving as the Global General Counsel at Cleverbridge, Lauren's role encompasses a broad spectrum of legal matters, with IP woven into every aspect of her work, allowing her to apply her diverse skill set to address multifaceted legal challenges in the tech industry. Her commitment to service and desire to be solve complex problems keeps her coming back to work every day.  

Lauren's advice for law students centers on the importance of leveraging both internal and external resources for networking and skill development. She emphasizes the value of engaging with programming offered by law schools and legal organizations, not just for academic enrichment, but also for networking opportunities. Stressing the significance of follow-up in networking, Lauren encourages students to focus on building genuine connections and nurturing relationships beyond mere business card exchanges. She also highlights the importance of staying connected with classmates, recognizing the potential future collaborations and professional relationships that may arise from these connections. Lauren's advice extends to proactive engagement with various organizations that are available to students, like ChiWIP, along with others like IPLAC, The Richard Lynn American Inn of Court, and the IP division of the Illinois Bar Association. Lauren advocates for active participation and networking within these spheres to cultivate valuable professional relationships and opportunities.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Lauren finds fulfillment in a range of personal hobbies and interests. Living in the city on Chicago's north side with her husband and two sons, family plays a central role in her life. Weekends are often spent immersed in her children's activities, from sports to outings with their three rescue dogs. Amidst the bustling family life, Lauren indulges in the creative outlet of nail art, finding relaxation and fulfillment in the intricate designs she creates. This is a hobby that provides a welcome escape, allowing her to unwind and tap into her artistic side.


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