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Alexis Lavko

Alexis Lavko, Director at Epsilon Economics, graduated from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with an MBA in 2008. The recession at that time had created a struggling economy and difficult job market, but these circumstances ultimately jump-started a career that Alexis loves. Because of the state of the economy, companies were looking for creative ways to monetize assets, which eventually led to an uptick in recognition of intellectual property. This trend led Alexis to a job at an IP consulting firm.

Alexis has now been at Epsilon Economics for the past eight years, where she specializes in economic damages in intellectual property matters. Alexis is an expert in the assessment of commercial damages in IP litigation, and she has extensive experience evaluating and analyzing financial and strategic data to quantify lost profits, reasonable royalty, and unjust enrichment damages in a wide range of industries. Alexis enjoys digging into data and helping clients use data analysis to add value and further their objectives in case work.

Alexis grew up in in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. When it came time to look at colleges, she sought a different kind of experience and searched for a school with a true campus outside of a major city. The search brought Alexis to Cornell University, where she majored in industrial labor relations and business. After her undergraduate studies, Alexis returned to her city roots and came back to Chicago, where she is now raising her family. In Alexis’s free time, she gets outside with her family as much as possible. Even the cold Chicago winters do not stop Alexis and her family from riding bikes, walking, or hanging out by the city’s parks and lakefront. As a fun hobby, Alexis’s husband taught her how to swing dance, so the couple occasionally goes swing dancing.

Alexis is also vice chair of the Start Early Affiliates Board, an organization dedicated to providing quality early childhood education to all children. The organization supports childhood activities through fundraising, legislative lobbying, and spreading awareness of early childhood education initiatives to families. Additionally, Alexis has been a member of ChiWIP since its formation in 2015. In 2017, Alexis joined a committee and, since then, she has served on both the Outreach and Special Events committees. Currently Alexis serves as a Co-chair of the Special Events committee. Additionally, Alexis is an avid reader and typically joins the ChiWIP Book Club for their bi-monthly gatherings. Alexis values and appreciates ChiWIP, as the members are always friendly, fun, and supportive of each others’ careers.


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