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Susan Hallen

Susan (“Sue”) Hallen is a Sales and Delivery Associate Partner in the AI Workflows team at IBM. Sue is an engineer by trade and thought process. Sue brings her love of technology, and the processes around leveraging it, to her role at IBM, where she focuses on bringing repeatable AI assets and IP solutions to market. Sue manages the design and implementation of IP processes and tools at IBM and leads a team of consultants in IP transformation and business transformation internationally.

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Sue received both her Bachelor of Science degree in Structural (Civil) Engineering and Master of Business Administration from Purdue University. Sue’s experience spans various industries and technical areas. Throughout her over 20-year tenure at IBM, Sue has been involved with business transformation, product life cycle management, innovation and ideation, and, for the last 15 years, intellectual property management. One of Sue’s greatest strengths is her ability to transform something very technical into a business view. Sue is a “translator”— she translates complex ideas to clear value propositions and a client’s needs to solutions. She also prides herself on her ability to stay steady and listen to clients. Sue is continuously learning: “I don’t assume that I know everything about anything. I am always curious and always reading that next book or taking that next class.”

Outside of the office, Sue leads IBM’s sponsorship of and involvement with Bits N’ Bites Cybersecurity Education Foundation. Bits N’ Bites spreads awareness about password discipline, social engineering, privacy, digital identity, cloud security, and more to foster a generation of educated and empowered digital masters. As a Bits N’ Bites Advisory Board Member, Sue helps organize and lead workshops for students from over 500 schools internationally. Sue values giving back to her community and has made it a priority to do so. Sue also volunteers with the Neighborhood Food Pantry in DuPage county, for which she is a member of the Advisory Board. The Neighborhood Food Pantry’s seven brick and mortar pantries and mobile food pantries serve over 1000 families per month. Sue is also a member of the Legacy Board for the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation in Chicago. Bear Necessities PCF provides funding for cutting-edge research to end pediatric cancer and for the immediate needs of the children and families battling the disease.

Sue is a member of ChiWIP’s In-House Advisory Committee and assists ChiWIP’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization and the broader IP field. Sue values ChiWIP’s network and support: “The variety in experience and the want to help others in IP is wonderful. It’s been great to meet and network with all of the talent within ChiWIP.” Sue recognizes the importance of networking for both career and personal development. “You never know where you career will go or what you’ll be doing in 5–10 years from now. Life can change, so the more people you know, the more avenues open up to you. I find that fascinating. Having the network of people out there is a great way to keep doors and opportunities open.”

When not volunteering, Sue enjoys spending time with her wife, who she met while studying at Purdue. Sue and her wife share a love of sports, which has taken them all over the world. Sue has competed in athletic tournaments both near and far, from Canada to Europe, Australia, South Africa, and South America. Sue has won multiple world championships in powerlifting and five world championships as a master in Highland Games.


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