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Candice Cornelius

Candice Cornelius, a Director in the Disputes, Compliance, & Investigations group of Stout's intellectual property practice has had a natural, yet unique, progression into the field of intellectual property. While at the University of Illinois, Candice took a class that focused on the intersection between business and law, which she loved but was unsure whether the material would transfer into the working world with her finance-focused degree.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in finance and accounting, Candice began working as a financial analyst at Deere & Company. While at Deere, Candice decided she wanted to do more consultant-based work to return to her interest in the intersection of business and law. She joined Stout as an analyst supporting damage experts, and, shortly after, became licensed as a certified public accountant (“CPA”). As Candice’s workload began trending more towards intellectual property litigation, Candice found intellectual property work to be fascinating and her interest in the field continued to grow.

Now, nearly 10 years after joining Stout, Candice has a vast amount of experience in financial, strategic, and litigation consulting services. Candice offers expert testimony for patent, trademark, and copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, breach of contracts, and trade secrets. Candice also has experience in and offers services relating to the valuation and analysis of intellectual property.

Candice attended one of the first events that ChiWIP held back in 2015 and has been actively participating in the organization ever since. After a few years as a ChiWIP member, Candice decided to join a committee and currently serves as one of the chairs of the Social Events Committee.

Outside of work, Candice enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys. In particular, the family enjoys spending time outside at their home and outdoor activities on their boat and camper. Candice is also a huge Disney and Harry Potter fan and is excited for a family trip to Disney that is coming up. In Candice’s spare time she also enjoys reading.


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