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Pause Interrupted: Powerful Strategies for Returning to the Workforce

Returning to the workforce after a lengthy hiatus can be daunting. Hear from successful women who have conquered the transition back into the workforce using effective work re-entry programs. This program will discuss how to access and succeed in these programs, which offer opportunities to demonstrate value in the marketplace while broadening experience, skills and contacts as attorneys and technical professionals.

Our panel will discuss their personal stories that highlight:

  • Paid re-entry programs available to women, such as OnRamp, iReturn, iRelaunch where companies tap into high caliber relauncher talent pool

  • Re-entry application procedures, length of internship and hiring criteria

  • Strategies for maximizing success in the application and on-ramp process

  • Company and Law Firm adoption of these programs - Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

  • Cohort and Mentorship offered during the internship period - Refresh and learn new skills and technology

  • Personal career coaching

Panel Members include:

Jeannine Cordero Director & Counsel at American Express

Sue Stevens Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman

Diane Wasserstrom Software Developer, IBM Systems

Susan A. Hallen Associate Partner, AI Workforce, IBM

Catherine Klima Intellectual Property Counsel

Molly Keelan Director of Client Services, Ocean Tomo

Dial-in information will be circulated to all attendees prior to the event. REGISTER HERE


Nicole Janovick
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