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From Private Practice to In-House

– A Panel Discussion of Women Who Recently Transitioned to In-House Roles

March 13, 2020 | 12 noon to 1 pm | Webex

Are you in private practice and thinking about transitioning in-house? Or have you recently moved in-house? Or just curious about the transition to in-house? ChiWIP’s In-House Advisory Committee Members Amy Adler, Erin Fox, Catherine Klima, and Caroline Teichner provide insights, guidance, and tips for transitioning from private practice to in-house roles. Our discussion will touch upon:

  • Resources for finding an in-house position;

  • Navigating the in-house learning curve;

  • In-house culture;

  • Creative ways to add value to your organization;

  • and Pitching in-house attorneys for business.

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Nicole Janovick
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